#21 Frau Cachaça meets Cachaça for gringos

Cachaça in English

Let´s talk about cachaça (in English)

Cachaça – Definition according to The Cambridge Dictionary

(Noun)UK  /kəˈʃæs.ə/ US  /kəˈʃɑː.sə/

“A strong alcoholic drink similar to rum, made in Brazil from the juice of the sugar cane plant” 

When I started my project as Frau Cachaça back in 2017, my intention was to SPREAD THE BRAZILIAN SPIRIT (thats a cool cachaça joke, got it? lol) around the world in mainly German and English. Soon I realised that when I posted things in Portuguese I got more attention and followers, so I forgot about posting content in foreign languages for a while. 

Until I met Peter Banks, from @cachacaforgringos. His mission is exactly the one I dropped: to talk about cachaça in english in a more approachable and professional way and in English. He knows that there is a lack of information in the international market and wants to change it. So do I. So I invited him to talk about his idea on my Podcast, The Frau Cachaça Show. 

So, grab your fave cachaça and join us in this delicious episode on The Frau Cachaça Show, the first Podcast about Cachaça in the whole world!

(ENG) Don’t forget: “sharing is caring”! help Frau Cachaça to spread the Brazilian spirit around the world! Share, comment and like it!Frau Cachaça is available on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. All the links related to my work you will find here. The Frau Cachaça Show is available in 8 different platforms, including Spotify and Anchor. 
Não se esqueça: “sharing is caring”.Ajuda a tia da cachaça, a Frau Cachaça!

(PT) Este é um podcast sobre a vida de uma brasileira que decidiu se aventurar e importar cachaça para a Austria – SOZINHA.Quer saber como as coisas funcionam por traz dos holofotes? Bora lá escutar a Frau Cachaça!O Podcast da The Frau Cachaça Show é o primeiro Podcast sobre cachaça do mundo e está disponível em vários canais, entre eles Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Overcast e Radio Public! Bora pegar uma cachaça e dar um play!Quer saber mais? Clique aqui para acessar todos os links da Frau Cachaça!

(DE) The Frau Cachaça Show ist der erste Podcast weltweit über Cachaça und ist ein Podcast über mich, eine Brasilianerin die sich entschieden hat, Cachaça von Brasilien nach Europa zu importieren – ALLES SELBER. Willst du wissen wie alles hinter der Kulisse läuft? Dann hör auf Frau Cachaça! Achtung, meistens sind die Folgen auf Portugiesisch, jedoch gibt es auch ein paar Folgen auf Deutsch.The Frau Cachaça Show ist auf viele Plattformen verfügbar wie: Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, brüsker, Google Podcasts, Overcast und Radio Public! Nimm dir dein Lieblingscachaça mit und druck auf Play!Willst du noch mehr über meine Arbeit als Frau Cachaça? Click hier.

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